Year 3 Sports Day

Thank you Mr Holland for organising such a fantastic, action packed sports day, all the parents who were able to attend and the Y6 children who led each activity. It was an amazing day and you all did extremely well despite feeling tired!

Different pasts, shared future…

Thank you to Helena from St Chads Sanctuary for visiting our school today to help us learn all about the lives of refugees and the amazing work they do. Also, thank you to all the parents and children who have donated to help the refugee families in Birmingham.

If you would like to learn more click on the links below:

We will we will ROCK you!

This week Year 3 have been busy learning about different types of rocks. We made systematic observations of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock properties in our co operative groups.

If you would like to learn more click on the videos below:

3ZY Gurdwara Trip

Today morning we visited the Gurdwara as part of our RE topic this term. We had an amazing time learning about Sikhism and eating the delicious langar!

Thank you very much to everyone at the Smethwick Gurdwara for all your kindness and hospitality, we enjoyed every minute of the tour.

The Journal of Ms Younis

Wednesday 22nd May 2019- 3ZY Boxing Up Lesson

This morning, 3ZY have been extremely busy using their iPads to research their setting and predators for their journal. They have also been using an online thesaurus to find ambitious vocabulary to describe their settings. I’m proud of how well they have worked together. Tomorrow is the hot task!

I’m feeling a little nervous but also excited to read their amazing work…

If you would like to improve your writing use the thesaurus below to find ambitious vocabulary:

Twycross Zoo

Can you remember all the predators we came across at Twycross Zoo yesterday ? What a fantastic trip it was despite the rainy start😉!

Thank you photographers for the amazing pictures which helped me create the video below:

Your homework for this weekend is to write a recount of our trip. Remember to include pictures!